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Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) Developer in Davao City

Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) Developer in Davao City

Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) is what every business operation need these days. It is a system or a software that manages all resources in action of a whole enterprise. From the time you hire an employee, pay them, sell your goods or services, acquire inventory, records of sales, generate financial statements and many other functionalities specific to your enterprise operation, ERP solutions is one software solution that will deliver your organization’s desired output at any given time. ERP will also produce outputs and reports that will help advance sound management decision. 

ERP in quick words, is a cross functional software that drives all the business processes within an organization to produce a rightful output appropriate and fit to industry and management standard in an efficient and well-organized fashion.

Line 24 Software offers you advanced, comprehensive and cost-effective ERP For Business System. Our full cycle solution is what you need to inspire your business to run better. 

To date, Line 24 Software has developed ERP Systems with report outputs that have been appropriated factual and rated above standard by major auditing firms in the country.

Line 24 Software is a custom software development company based in Davao City. We develop software based on our client’s company needs, parameters, policies, securities and control.

As Line 24 Software is a custom software company, we develop modules based on your company’s requirement. So far we have deployed ERP solutions with the following modules;

Accounting and Finance Module

The company’s capital/money inflow and outflow is managed by this module. This module keeps track of all financial transactions to include but not limited to; account ledgers, balance sheets, budgeting, bank statements, records of receipts and tax calculations, financial statements and many other components derivative of the company’s finance policies, controls and security.  
Reports can easily be generated in just one click and can also be customized based on management requirements.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Module 

Line 24 Software’s HUMAN RESOURCE INFORMATION SYSTEM (HRIS) AND OR PAYROLL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is one of the most flexible, efficient and cost-effective HR solution there is in the market today. This module was developed with complex business operation in mind. 

This module can be installed as a stand-alone solution to your human resources needs and can also be integrated as part of the whole ERP System.

Please visit this link for the itemized details of this module; 

Inventory and Purchasing Module

The inventory module is designed to keep track of all your enterprise stock of items. Stocks can be assigned exclusive serial numbers or codes. This will facilitate easy tracking of the status of stocks and location of the item.

This module include but not limited to purchasing and inventory controls, master list of stocks and units. This module can also generate reports based on the data required by the management.

The purchasing module keeps track of all the procurement functionalities; like purchasing raw materials or buying new stocks. This module also manages functions like supplier’s list, sending and receiving quotations, purchase orders and many other utilities the management deem important to their purchasing department.

Engineering, Production and or Motorpool Module

For companies that operate with engineering, production or motorpool departments this module can be linked together for easy monitoring. The system will manage processes in engineering department, depending on the company’s policy. The system can be coded to suit every single process necessary for painless supervision. Same applies with inflow of materials and outflow of stocks in production department.

The Motorpool automation can be a full department or sub-department, depending on the number of processes. This module can effortlessly monitor inflow of motorpool stock consumption, like spare parts, gas, vehicle tracking and other motorpool related processes necessary for this to function.

Sales Module

The sales module include but not limited to sales input, inquiry, stock handling, quotation drafting, order monitoring, dispatch and shipment, tracking of sales and many more. Depending on your company’s operation and requirements we will customize your processes needs.

Supply Chain Management (SCM):

This module best serve companies in the manufacturing industry, stockist, distributors, retailers and etc. This monitors and manages supply and demand, sales, returns and replacing processes. This module will also keep track shipping and transportation.

Today, Line 24 Software’s ERP serve large, small and medium-sized businesses. Our company have been instrumental of many Davao-based businesses in the automation processes that efficiently and effectively streamline the business processes of their organization.

The above mentioned modules are just few of what Line 24 Software is skilled at developing. And since we are a custom software company, we can sit down with you to discuss possibilities on how to better your business operation.

You may call us or email us for free demonstration. 

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